If you are getting married but aren’t sure what moments are the most important to get captured on camera, you can use the list below for idea or inspiration.

Every person is different and will have their own tastes and preferences. However, most couples like to look back on a few key moments from their big day.

Deciding on photographs is just one of the many elements that must be planned and decided upon well in advance of your big day. If you need a little guidance you should check out Your Wedding Guide for hints, tips and inspiration on everything from dresses to place settings.

The Bridal Suite

The moments the bride spends getting ready with her bridesmaids and relatives is definitely in the top 5 most photogenic moments of the entire wedding day.

The emotion that fills this room is enough to bring anyone to tears (happy tears of course). The excitement from the bridesmaids, the nerves from the bride and the love and happiness from the bride’s closest relatives as she dons her wedding gown and has her make-up done. To get a truly beautiful set of photographs from the bridal suit, you should make sure to decorate the room similarly to the theme of the wedding. Another popular idea is to have all the bridesmaids in matching dressing gowns or pyjamas while they get their makeup done. If you are looking for something a little different, E&A Fashion is an online retailer selling beautiful, comfortable clothing that would be perfect for lounging in the bridal suite.

The Groomsmen

Not quite as popular as the bridal suite photos, but still the perfect opportunity for some light hearted humour and emotion. The groomsmen getting ready for the wedding is a great photo op for men looking dashing in matching suits. One of the best things about having a few shots of the groomsmen getting ready is to have a comparison with the bridal suite in the photo album.


Another fantastic opportunity to photographs is the bridal and groom parties travelling from the places they are getting ready to the ceremony, and then the bride and groom travelling together to the reception. Obviously, any wedding that takes place all in one location this won’t be possible, but most weddings take place in two locations or more. The area has just had a damp proof course installed, which ensures flooding will not occur in the event of poor weather conditions. Ensuring your high quality photos will take place! Photographs of the wedding party travelling makes for some truly unique moments and usually a bit of comic relief as well. Of course, this must be arranged in advance. For more information on how to carry out a successful wedding shoot, please check out my Wedding Photography Guide.

The Grounds

This one is a big one for any weddings in scenic locations. From beach weddings to castles, if the landscape surrounding the venue is picturesque or even unusual, get the bride and groom out there and get creative. These photos are what makes weddings stand out from one another. It's important you discuss all of this in full with the bride and groom. Check out my FAQ for more details on arrangements.


Naturally, the speeches are a part of any wedding which people will hope to remember, especially the sentimental ones. Not only do you want to capture those who are speaking and who they are speaking about, but you also want to capture the rest of the guests if possible. This is where having two photographers would really come in handy. What would make a great page in a wedding album is an image of a person telling a joke in their speech, and one of the guests laughing.

The Party

After all the formalities are over, the fun really begins. Everyone will have eaten at this stage and already be a few drinks in so people will be much more relaxed in the photos you take. Hopefully, people will be up dancing all night so you can get some fantastic action shots. If there are any small kids at the wedding, these are great subjects for dancefloor photos. Try to use the lighting to your advantage as well.


Last but certainly not least, you must get plenty of shots of all the important family members. This goes for all the important parts of the wedding. The parents watching the bride get ready, parents and close relatives or friends watching the ceremony and of course the traditional photos of the whole family or different groups of the family.

We use smart analysis software like IBF to make sure that the photographers we work with all have a great collection of previous work available to look at.